Do you want one?

Micro pigs can make great pets but as with any pet you have to know how to care for them properly, you also have to know the bad things about owning a micro pig. If you are seriously considering purchasing yourself a cute little micro pig then please read through this website before you make the leap, this world has enough abandoned pets because the owners didn’t know what they had let themselves in for so please don’t make another one.

Are Micro pigs a special breed of pigs?

Micro pigs (also known as ‘teacup pigs’) are not actually a breed of pig and they have not been scientifically created, they are simply normal regular pigs you seen on a farm but they have been breed over some years using the runt of the litter, because the breeders have always used the smallest piglet when breeding the pigs will continue to get smaller the more they are breed (in theory) but sometimes it don’t always work out and there is a risk of your pig growing larger then it should (though this is rare) usually the biggest they will grow is to the size of an adult labrador.

When buying a micro pig its always best to see its parents or so you can see how big they have grown too!

So ‘Micro Pigs’ and ‘Teacup Pigs’ are the same thing?

Yes they are exactly the same animal, some people just call them different things, from what we have seen its usually Americans who call them ‘Teacup pigs‘ and the British that call them ‘Micro Pigs’. But either way they are the same thing!

How long have Micro Pigs been around?

Micro pigs were first introduced in the 1980s and from the first day they were shown to the public they proved to be hugely popular, they were originally intended to be breed for used for stock in the Zoological Gardens but have since become great pets.

Can you train Micro Pigs?

Pigs are very intelligent animals and will learn new things fast, they have been proved to be as intelligent as chimpanzees and even more intelligent then dogs. They are also more intelligent then Humans! Well 3 year old humans anyway, a test was made using a video game and a joystick the pig successfully beat the 3 year old and some chimpanzees.

  • They learn from watching other pigs.
  • Pigs can dream just like humans.
  • Pigs do have social lives like us humans they have pig friends and pig enemies, scientists only thought this kind of behaviour existed in primates.
  • Pigs have an amazing sense of direction, they can find their way home from long distances.
  • They dominate video games especially ones with a joysticks.