Before you buy

There are a few things you must keep in mind when buying a micro pig these include:

1. Check that the pig looks healthy

2. Ask to see the piglets parents

3. Make sure you have a CPH number

A few facts and tips about micro pigs:

1. The same rules apply for pigs as they do with dog’s pigs are not for christmas they are for life, think hard about taking on a new pet.

2. It is recommended that pigs have an outdoor living area, you can see a whole range of pens for your pigs here.

3. Pigs are similar to other animals, they prefer to have some company so its recommend you get two pigs so they ca entertain each other, unless you have a lot of time you can give to your pig to keep it entertained.

4. Before buying and taking home your pig make sure you ask the breeder every question you need to know the answer for, its a good idea to write a list of questions before you go and see the breeder.

5. Pigs are easy to care for you don’t need to take them for a walk around the block but if you decide to take it for a walk outside of your land then you will need a walking licence you can obtain one of these here.

6. If you are going to get your pig castrated you should do this as soon as possible.

7. Pigs are like dogs and humans they can be friendly with other animals but sometimes they just don’t click.

8. Your micro pig should be fed high quality pig feed known as sow and weaner nuts, or you could buy some pot belly pig food. *Do not give them human food it is illegal*

9. The fencing in your garden must be secure and have no gaps, pigs are great at escaping!

10. Pigs require a constant supply of water you can use a trough a  heavy bowl if you have one all the products you could need for looking after your pig are available on our ‘Products’ page.

11. Your pig will grow to about the same height as a Labrador which is around knee height.

12. Get in contact with your local vet to see if they will accept your pig into their veterinary if not you should find one that does or go to a specialist Animal or Farm Vet.



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