Bad things about Micro Pigs

Micro pigs, most of the time and if you have taken your time to pick the right pig and breeder will turn out just fine, but as with most pets it doesn’t always go according to plan.¬†For example, if you buy a dog it may turn vicious especially if it has been miss-treated before, or if you buy a bird it may never stop tweeting. But what are the bad things about owning a micro pig?

Pigs can grow larger then expected

One of the most common problems people have with Micro Pigs is that it will grow larger then expected, this is down to unreliable breeders and new owners not knowing what to look for, check out this page to find out more on choosing the right micro pig for you.

Pigs can become rough

Some micro pig owners are too soft when the pig is small, this could lead to the pig being very rough when it is older, which means prepare to get bitten! However this can be easily avoided by traning it at a young age, follow our training guides to help avoid this.

They don’t like to be left alone for too long

Pigs are very social animals, in fact it’s better to buy a pair if you are planning on getting one; of course this is not always possible. If you only have one pig, you should try not to leave it alone for too long or they can become destructive, similar to a small child, the pig will get bored and cause mischief.

When a pig comes into Heat they are a nightmare

When a pig comes into heat which can sometimes be as much as every three weeks, they will become aggressive and a female pig will constantly make a squeling noise. Both males and felames are really hard to control when in heat.

This is easily fixed, if you are not planning on breeding your micro pig you can get it ‘Altered’ which similar to what happens to dogs, will stop them getting aggressive during their heat ‘mating season’.

Micro pigs need some outside space

Micro pigs love being outside, so if you own a flat or small apartment with no garden, you are most likely not going to get the permits you need to keep a micro pig legally.