Breeding your pigs


When breeding a micro pig you should always wait at least until they are one year of age because of their size they will not be grow enough to mate any earlier. Be warned the pigs will come into season before the one year is up but if you attempt to breed them before the one year it will usually result in the mother not feeding her piglets.

Sows (female pigs) will come on heat around every 21 days, and will take around 333 3months, 3weeks and 3days to give birth.

How can you tell when your sow is in season?

You can tell when your sow is in season because she will have a swollen pink vulva a few days before she is due to ovulate, she should also get a small amount of discharge from it.

When your sow ovulates she will stand and remain still and usually make a grunting noise and the occasional squeal.

Your sow will be standing for about two days and usually when the sow is standing you would take it back to the boar the following day.

Sows will not always come onto heat because it is affected by the weather

If you place your sow into  pen next to your boar she will show more signs of being on heat. This is because the boar will let off an hormone odour that the sow will be able to smell.



Boars take around 8 month to fully mature into adult boars so breeding before this time is not recommend infect it is better to wait until the boar is 10 months  old until you try to breed it because your boar will be producing much better sperm at a faster rate which will mean you will get a better batch of piglets.

It is advised that you do not breed your pigs in wet conditions this is because your boar may slip and it could cause damage to his penis.

When you finally introduce your boar to the sow he will start chasing her around nudging her and maybe even drinking her urine.

Do not get worried if your boar froths at the mouth or grinds his teeth this is usual behaviour when being introduces to a sow.

Mating can take up to half an hour because the boars corkscrew penis has to lock into the sows cervix before he can ejaculate, when mating the boar will put all of his weight onto the sow to keep her still and will use his front legs to keep his balance.