Feeding your pigs

When it comes to feeding your pigs do not be mistaken, just because they are ‘pigs’ it doesn’t mean they can eat anything (even if they are willing to) in fact its illegal to feed your pig certain things, you cannot give you pig anything from your kitchen even if you take some milk which your pig can drink into the kitchen you can then no longer give it to your pig because this will now be classed as ‘Food Waste’.

Ever since the outbreak of foot and mouth in 2001 the rules around feeding pigs and other livestock (even if they are kept as pets) have tightened heavily

Instead of writing you a long essay of things that have changed I’m just going to tell you what you should be feeding your pig, because even if it was legal you wouldn’t want to be feeding you pig scraps from the kitchen as this could damage its health

Micro Pigs love Pot Belly pig food, you can buy this from our products page. This is not only what they like but its also what is best for them, it comes packed with the nutrients and staple they need to live healthy lives.

You can also feed your micro pig fresh fruit and vegetables but of course if you want to stick to the law these should not enter your kitchen before you give them to it.


Micro pigs water must always have a fresh supply of water available at all times, they drink quite a lot of water so this should be checked regularly.