Care for your pigs

There are lots of things you should do to look after you pig please make sure you read up on all this info before you get your pig!

Cleaning your micro pigs ears

There are a lot of articles going around the Internet on how to clean your pigs ears, but this is the only one you should listen to.

Some people say squirt liquid down them and some people say use large cotton buds DON’T NOT DO THIS.

Doing these things will cause ear problems with your pigs you should only ever use a damp cloth and only push it in as far as your finger will go into the ear.

If you try any other method the likely hood of your pig having ear troubles like yeast infections is far greater, the wax inside your pigs ear is there for protection and it should remain there.


How to bath a micro pig

You have two choices when it comes to washing your micro pig you can either let it wash its self in a small children’s swimming pool, if you do it this way try to remember to put some baby oil into the pool to prevent the pigs skin from getting too dry.

Or you can wash the pig yourself in a bath, your pig will not take very kindly to a bath if it does not feel safe so you will need to use a small towel or a bath matt in the bath so it doesn’t lose its footing. The best thing to use when washing your pig is human shampoo I prefer Dove Care because it keeps the skin nice and moisturised.

When bathing your pig you must keep hold of its two front lefts with your left hand and wash with the right or the pig might jump around, after the pig is used to having baths it will usually just sit there while you wash it like a good little piggy.


Clipping your pigs hooves

Its very important to keep your micro pigs hooves well clipped, if their hooves are left unclipped and become overgrown it could potentially leave your pig crippled over time.

It is always best to start clipping your pigs hooves from an early age so they get used to it sooner. Follow these these steps and your soon be clipping your pigs hooves the correct way in no time:

  • The first thing you need to do is get your pig calm and relaxed, you do this by rubbing your pigs tummy for a few minuets. When your pig is relaxed your should then rub/massage your pig’s hooves for around 5 minuets so they become desensitized to your touch. Then if your pig is still young use a nail file on the hooves, if your pig is a bit older you should use some clippers.
  • The best clippers to use to cut your pigs hooves are spring loaded side cutters aka diagonal cut mini pliers. Your clippers should always be kept sharp because if they are not sharp enough it could cause pain to your pig.
  • After you have clipped your pigs hooves you should make sure clean them well. While your pig is still lying comfortably on its side continue to rub its belly, look at the bottom of the hooves and usually you will find it has flaky nails left behind from the trip, use the clippers to cut these away until smooth. If this is not done it can cause your pig discomfort when walking.
  • Make sure you cut both sides of the nail and the end must always remain blunt. *You must not cut between the toes on the inside!*. After every process you must always file down all the rough edges with a nail file.
  • After you have finished the main hooves you should move onto the dewclaws.
  • After you have finished you should rub some hoof oil on the hooves. Once you have done one hoof move onto the next.

Clipping your pigs hooves can be time consuming and if your pig starts to become agitated and stressed you should stop, you do not need to do all four in one go, you can even take as long as doing one per week for four weeks.

Be aware that pigs hooves are just like our finger nails, if we cut our nails too far then we hit the ‘quick’ of our nail which can be painful so please do take care and remember not to cut them too short.