Micro Pig Info

Micro pigs have been around for quite some time now but people do get confused, Micro pigs are not a breed of pig but are instead breed over several generations using the runt of the litter which in the end produces a micro pig.

How big can a micro pig grow?

A fully grown micro pig will weigh up to around 65lb and will be on average around 15inches tall, and they can become messy so it is very important that you start training your micro pig from an early age!

Do they make good pets?

Micro pigs can make absolutely great pets they are so cute and it is very easy to train your micro pig. Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals in the world and can even do some things better then chimpanzees.

As with any pet before you buy one you need to do your research on them that is why this website was started, you need to maintain your pigs health and look after your micro pig properly just like you would with a cat or a dog

In order to take your micro pig for walks on a lead you will need to obtain the correct permit because they are officially farmyard animals, more information on this can be found on the buying micro pigs page.

I’m allergic to fur will I be able to have a Micro Pig?

One reason micro pigs have become so popular is because people who wanted a cat or a dog but were allergic to their fur can have a micro pig (even a haired one) without any allergic reactions, this is because pigs actually have hair like humans and not fur like animals.