Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs, Micro Pigs and Miniature Pigs are exactly the same; they have just simply been named different things by different people.

Why Teacup pigs?

The reason people started calling them teacup pigs is because when they are babies, they can actually fit into a teacup, there were lots of pictures taken of these cute little pigs in teacups; the name stuck and is used by a lot of people.

Are Teacup pigs a special breed of pig?

No they are not a special breed of pig; they are the same breed as potbelly pigs. The reason they do not grow to the same size as a potbelly pig is due to some very clever breeding. Farmers began breeding the runt of each litter with a runt from another litter (they bread the two smallest pigs from each litter), since the pigs were two runts, their babies never grew large either in fact they grew smaller than their parents.

Pig breeders then carried on doing this, until finally they were breeding pigs small enough to keep as house pets!

How big will a teacup pig grow?

Teacup pigs will not stay tiny forever, a fully grown pig can grow to about the same size as a Labrador dog, for a size chart and more information on the size of teacup pigs check out our ‘how big do teacup pigs grow‘ page.

Are teacup pigs messy?

No, actually pigs are very clean animals, if you see them laying in mud outside then they are most likely trying to cool down. When you go to a farm and see the pigs, they do smell, that is only because their toilet area is in the same pen you are looking at.

When you have a house trained teacup pig, you will soon notice that the pig will always go to the toilet in the same place, and can never sleep too close to its toilet.

Are teacup pigs good with children?

Yes they can be good with children, however; you must train your pig from an early age, if your pig is not properly trained and disciplined they can potentially become fairly aggressive.

Visit our ‘pig training’ page for more info on training your pig!

Why get a teacup pig rather than a cat or dog?

This is easy, because they are cute, loving and fun. Just like a dog can be a man’s best friend, so can a pig. Pigs are very loyal to their owners, they can be easier to train then dogs too as they are very intelligent!

Are there any downsides to getting a pet pig?

Yes there are some things you need to consider when getting a pet pig; you must always take great care when choosing a micro pig to buy otherwise, your pig could grow larger than expected! Check out our buying a micro pig page for more info.